This is an in depth compilation of land surveying courses that is intended to educate those with interest in passing the NCEES Professional Surveyor (PS)/Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) Exam, State Land Surveying Exam, or just an effort to progress knowledge in the profession. There is a total of 12 topics that cover the full gamut of most land surveying exams, totaling 38 hours of lecture along with material to follow along. This was a once in a generation opportunity to have the lineup of instructors that are included. They were hand selected to create the optimal LS Review Course for the audience. The courses were recorded in a live audience setting to give a more personable feel. Questions from the audience add to the discussion and are intended to answer questions the listeners may have. The recordings took place in California, so there are references laws and standard of care within the state, but this does not take away from the principles. There are three courses solely on California Law, and we hope to add courses on other states laws in the future. The content discussed by each instructor is based on facts from his or her own experience and textbooks. We hope you enjoy the courses and please send feedback here.